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pagoPA Payments


pagoPA is the new electronic payment system of the Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale (AGID).

It aims to make any payment to the Public Administration simpler, safer and more transparent. pagoPA has been implemented as laid down by art. 5 of the CAD (Digital Administration Code) and by Law Decree 179/2012.

For the Autonomous Province of Bozen-Bolzano, the pagoPA intermediary is Alto Adige Riscossioni with the digital platform ePays.

How and where I pay with pagoPA

Depending on the procedure you need to pay for (i.e. request for a certificate, new student card, ...), you will receive a payment slip.

On the payment slip you can find all relevant payment data:

  • the IUV code that uniquely identifies the payment
  • the tax code of unibz.

How to pay online with credit card or PayPal

ePays: by clicking on this link you will be redirected to the external portal of Alto Adige Riscossioni.

You will be asked to insert the IUV code and the unibz tax code. Both are indicated on the payment slip. Here below you can find two video tutorials:

Video tutorial credit cards

Video tutorial PayPal

How to pay if you are in Italy

For amounts up to 999 Euro, the fastest way is paying at the tobacconist’s (Tabacchino). Look for the logo SISAL, Lottomatica or Banca 5.

Look for the nearest licensed tabacchino (as key words enter "Bolzano" and “pagoPA”).

Deliver the payment slip/notice and pay cash or with your debit card.

For amounts from 1000 Euro upwards you must instead use ePays or one of the other payment methods indicated below. 

How to pay if you have an Italian bank account

Home Banking: access the website of your bank, log in and search for the item CBILL or pagoPA. Fill in the required data (you can find them on the payment slip) and send the payment.

Pagacomodo: for payments with credit cards issued in Italy only. Go to and look for the pagoPA logo. Enter the data that you find on the payment slip and send the payment.

ATM: some banks have special counters for pagoPA payments. Check with the bank if your branch has these special ATM machines. If they are available, read the QR code on the payment slip and pay with your debit card. 

How to pay if you have a foreign bank account and you are abroad

The only payment method in this case is on the ePays platform described above under "How to pay online with credit card or PayPal".

pagoPA Call Center

The pagoPA Call Center of the Autonomous Province of Bozen-Bolzano is managed by Alto Adige Riscossioni and is responsible for problems concerning the pagoPA payment phase.

The phone number (free from Italy) is: +39 800 984 274