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PhD Guide


Private rental agreements

You can find many adverts for rooms and flats on or on the notice boards at the university (for rooms in Bruneck-Brunico you can also ask at the Secretariat in Bruneck-Brunico). The University does not act as a mediator between the landlords and its students: please contact the person offering a room/flat yourself and agree on the details such as rent and payment agreements. Depending on the type (double room, single room or one-bedroomed flat) and the size of the accommodation, the monthly rent for one person can vary from € 250 to € 400.

Thanks to a joint venture with the MUA, we also offer a place for adverts on Through a simple and intuitive web portal, Yost brings together the demand and supply of housing in the province of Bozen-Bolzano

The Housing Office (Associazione della Proprietà edilizia della Provincia di Bolzano) gives information about contracts and rents for university students (tel.: +39 0471 281551 - 271135).

Student Halls of the Province of South Tyrol

The Office for the right to Study is responsible for allocating rooms in the student halls.

PhD students only have access to the student halls once all bachelor and master students have been allocated a place.

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