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PhD Guide

Student Representatives

Current Representatives

University Council

Elisa Bortolotti

Academic Senate

Paulina Hedler
Aurora Bellotti

Equal Opportunities Committee

Federica Mancini

Faculty Councils

  • Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences:Giulia Casapiccola, Giacomo Ganzerli
  • Design and Art: Argentina Carrino, Matteo Antonazzo
  • Economics and Management: Chiara Molteni, Lea Schwellensattl
  • Education: Aurora Manzana
  • Engineering: Nicolas Bonet, Axel Mezini

Course Councils

Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences

  • L-25 Agricultural, Food and Mountain Environmental Sciences: Angela Rampanelli
  • L-GASTR Enogastronomy in Mountain Areas: Giulia Zarbo
  • LM-73 Environmental Management of Mountain Areas: Jennifer Lüdtke
  • LM-70 Food Sciences for Innovation and Authenticity: Dima El Janoudi

Design and Art

  • L-4 Design and Art:Alessia Farinola
  • LM-12 Eco-Social Design: Emma Cocco

Economics and Management

  • L-18 Economics and Management: Attilio Boni
  • L-33 Economics, Politics and Ethics: Alessandro Nolet Magnante
  • L-18 Tourism, Sport and Event Management: Giada Mantovani
  • LM-77 Accounting and Finance: Francesco Benetti
  • LM-DATA Data Analytics for Economics and Management: Anita Borsato
  • LM-77 Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Tobias Geberzah
  • LM-63 Public Policies and Administration: Irene Sammarchi
  • LM-77 Tourism Management: Laura Baldin


  • L-20 Communication Sciences and Culture: Maria Hafner
  • L-19 Social Education: Marie-Sophie Koch
  • L-39 Social Work: Anete Jirgensone
  • LM-85bis Primary Education: Andrea Bonecher
  • LM-87 Innovation and research for social work and social education: Alessia Corbo


  • L-31 Computer Science: Alessandro Sellani
  • L-8 Electronics and Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering: Daniël Timon Van Driel
  • L-9 Industrial and Mechanical Engineering: Andrea Giustiniani
  • L 31 Informatics and Management: Giuseppe Giaimis
  • LP-03 Wood Technology: Stefano Abrami
  • LM-18 Computing for Data Science: Tedi Ibershimi
  • LM-33 Industrial and Mechanical Engineering: Carlo Iob
  • LM-18 Software Engineering: Marco Panizzo

Lecturer's Committee of the PhD Programmes

  • Food Engineering and Biotechnology: Parham Joolaei Ahranjani
  • Mountain Environment and Agriculture: Cameron Brodrick Cullinan
  • Economics and Finance: Matthias Cologna
  • Management: Yasser Basstawy El Sayed
  • Education and Social Sciences: Giampaolo Santi
  • Advanced-Systems Engineering: Moritz Mock
  • Computer Science: Thomas Borsani
  • Sustainable Energy and Technologies: Lars Jakobs

Studies Committee

Aurora Bellotti

Quality Committee

Giada Mantovani

Evaluation Committee

Andrea Giustiniani

Joint Studies Committee

  • Agricultural, Environmental and Food  Sciences: Parham Joolaei Ahranjani
  • Design and Art: Matteo Antonazzo
  • Economics and Management: Yasser Basstawy El Sayed
  • Education: Aurora Manzana
  • Engineering: Thomas Borsani

Mensa Committee

Dima El Janoudi

Language Centre

Lea Schwellensattl