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PhD Guide

Study Career

study career

Obligations of the PhD students and extra activities

PhD students are obliged to attend full time the PhD programme.

Extra activities (jobs, research and teaching contracts) are possible only with the previous approval of the PhD Course Committee.

Application for approval regarding work activities according to art. 17 of the Regulation concerning PhD programmes:

Form for Phd Students (in Italian only)


The PhD students with study grant can apply for the increase of the study grant in the event of periods of study abroad. During the periods abroad, PhD students are covered by the travel insurance of the University. To apply for the increase of the study grant, please open the Software Boris and enter your request.


The PhD students may obtain leave of absence from the compulsory attendance in some occurrences (for instance maternity or illness) according to the Regulations concerning PhD research programmes. To apply for the suspension, please fill up this form.


In the event of maternity, the PhD student is required to suspend the attendance of the PhD programme during the two months prior to the due date of the birth and during the three months after the birth (with the exception of the flexibility). For further information visit this website.

Final Exam

Application form for the final exam for the conferral of the title "Dottore di Ricerca"